Rick Kempen

Professional beer connoisseur


Rick Kempen (Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 1969)

For well over a quarter century my life has been all about beer. Flunking out of University because of my side-job as a waiter in De Pilsener Club turned out to be one of the best things ever happening to me. Three years as nightshift-manager at Amsterdam’s renowned bar Hoppe concluded my eleven-year career as a barman, the last year holding the title of Holland’s ‘Best Beer Tapper’. In 1998 I joined Bier&cO, one of Europe’s leading beer import and distribution companies, dedicated to bringing craft beer from all over the globe to the people.

Every day I get to work with the world’s finest beers, their brewers and the people who sell them, one way or another. More importantly, I meet beer aficionados all across the globe and we talk about the beers we encounter. This blog is intended to share these great experiences with you, to inspire and amuse you. Feel free to comment on my life with beer, and help me discover even more. I’d be most grateful for that, because I like to see myself as a professional beer connoisseur who has had the pleasure of making a hobby out of his work.