Beer Bloggers Conference comes to Amsterdam!

downloadFriday August 19 and Saturday August 20, Amsterdam will be hosting the fourth edition of the European Beer Bloggers Conference. This is the yearly get-together of leading bloggers to dive deep into a local beer scene – and with Dutch breweries rapidly making a name for them, it is no surprise the organizers decided to bring this Class-A event to The Netherlands!

For those of you who are active beer bloggers: the program and further details are online. If you believe you should not miss this unique event, here’s how to register! Bier&cO, my employer, is one of the proud hosts of the conference. I cannot reveal all we have in store but one event is particularly interesting: Live Beer Blogging, a session whereby ten local craft brewers will pour their beers to small groups of conference goers who then live blog, – tweet or –Facebook about it. Most of the conference will be in one of Amsterdams Mercure Hotels – reason being the Mercure has recently adopted a local beer program, ‘About Beer’, whereby the individual hotels partner with local craft breweries.

In just two days the bloggers will get a thorough download of what’s buzzing in Holland. Besides the conference program there is so much to see and do: Amsterdam boasts twelve operational breweries and brewpubs as well as scores of great beer bars and –restaurants. Nearby Haarlem has the Jopenkerk and it’s own band of phenomenal bars and beer pubs. Add the history that can be found in the city, strictly beer related, and the well-known couleur locale (Amsterdam is one of the leading tourist destinations in Europe), it becomes immediately clear this Conference is actually long overdue in our nation’s capital!

Screen-Shot-2014-05-09-at-11.50.44-AMQuite honestly: if you are not a blogger already, you might want to consider starting to be one by attending this conference and dive deep into Amsterdam’s, or better, Hollands buzzing beer scene. Meet your peers (to be) and learn from them. Enjoy the world’s finest beers by interacting with passionate people like yourself, travel the world and write about it. Where better to kick this new passion off than in Amsterdam!



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