Dutch Drafts soon to launch ‘Triple P’ – pizza beer!

Dutch Drafts, the newly founded alliance between specialized beer bars in The Netherlands, recently brewerd a collaboration beer with Pizza Port Brewing from Carlsbad, California, USA. The brewer and some representatives visited The Netherlands for a series of tap take overs at the Dutch Drafts member bars – and beer sounds pretty promising!


Brewed at De Molen brewery (originally, another brewers was going to be lending its kettles to the collab until some issues arose) it will be a Triple P: Pepperoni Pizza Porter, or a dark b rew aflame with peppers. According to Peter van der Arend,  one of the founders of Dutch Drafts and brain behind the collab brew, the original plan incorporated real pizza dough to also make it into the kettles. Why this was abbandoned the story doesn’t tell but it’ll surely come down to the classic Euro-American debate on the crust. The beer itself has been lagering for some weeks now so should soon be released – bring on the Triple P!

ppp1Beers by Dutch Drafts are in principle only available at member bars (Van Moll, Kaapse Brouwers, Kompaan, Het Uyltje, Craft & Draft and Beertemple – did I forget one?), but rumour has it the DD members want to spread their wings already and release a portion of this beer on bottle too. That will be very interesting…

If you want to try Triple P, keep an eye out on the websites of the various member bars and the Facebook page of Dutch Drafts. Besides, some selected beerjuwelers will be offering the bottles in due course. I, for one, cannot wait!


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