Karma will get you! Well, it got me.

Instant karma is going to get you”. Well, karma got me. I should have realized that propagating fresh beer while keeping a fridge full of goodies was a risky, if not explosive, combination. Turns out my beer fridge was formerly a professional restaurant fridge, capable too of freezing. Deep freezing. So: whilst travelling to Tromso’s arctic beauty (the irony will become apparent soon) my fridge had a freezing frenzy and sort of Eisbocked my entire collection or rare and vintage bottles. Most bottles survived but I fear for their contents.

Notable losses (they will not be forgotten, but alas never tried by me after all) include: 75 cl bottles of Tommie Sjef Druif, Blauw and Mandarin; 375 ml bottles of La Trappe BA Quadruppel (batches 7, 9, 10 and 12); a 75 cl 2006 Texel Stormbock (purchased at the ALS beer auction); a 75 cl 2009 Flying Dog Wild Dog (BA Gonzo), a gift from brew master Matt Brophy; a 2006 Marriage Parfait Geuze Boon 75 cl; a bottle of SNAB Roock; a Duits&Lauret Stout 75 cl (2011?) and sadly two bottles (18 cl!) of De Molen Kopie Loewak, I believe 2008 or 2009.
I couldn’t bring myself to posting a picture of the indiscribable mess but trust me, I’ve been cleaning up for over three hours.

Tonight I will burn a candle for the survivors and hopefully they can still be consumed. Anyone any experience with deep frozen beer (the meter read an astonishing -38 degrees Celsius)?

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